What Problems Can You Buy Dihydrocodeine For?

If your pain is the result of surgery, personal injury, or illness, then chances are, you are suffering from chronic and moderate to severe pain. This type of pain is extremely difficult to deal with. It can decrease your quality of life by preventing you from spending time with friends and family, going to work, and leading a normal lifestyle. Rather than struggle, most medical professionals recommend trying painkillers. One of the most popular prescription painkillers is known as Dihydrocodeine. Below you’ll find an overview of this painkiller and the main types of problems that it helps alleviate.

What is Dihydrocodeine?

Dihydrocodeine is an opiate responsible for alleviating pain. Opiates work by targeting the receptor cells in your brain and spinal cord. Once they reach your spinal cord, they suppress the feelings of pain and tension in your body. By taking Dihydrocodeine, you can get nearly instant relief for your pain that lasts for a long time. The benefit of using prescription painkillers is that they truly do an excellent job and reducing your pain and they help you lead the lifestyle that you are looking for. Talking to your doctor to determine whether Dihydrocodeine is right for you can enable you to buy Dihydrocodeine because you’ll most likely get the prescription that you need. You can also buy dihydrocodeine online. But if you do so be sure to go to a licensed pharmacy. In the US it is illegal to buy dihydrocodeine online but the situation is different in the UK. It’s not too difficult to find licensed UK pharmacies where you can buy dihydrocodeine online – this site worked for me.

Pain from Surgery


If you have gone through a particularly difficult surgery, such as knee replacement or bone restructuring, then your medical professional may prescribe you Dihydrocodeine. The painkiller will target the cause of your pain and reduce the uncomfortable feeling so that you can heal easily. Painkillers are mainly effective during the healing process, which is why taking it under supervision is best.

Pain from Personal and Illness Injury

Another type of pain that Dihydrocodeine can alleviate is the kind that arises out of personal injury. Personal injury can occur because of a car accident, a work-place accident, or simply finding yourself in harm’s way. The Dihydrocodeine targets the area where the pain arises from and it will work to supress the pain. The painkiller is also long lasting, so you don’t need to worry about the effects wearing off.

Finally, Dihydrocodeine is also good for illnesses because it works much in the same way as it will for personal injury and surgery. You can either attain the painkiller online or through your medical professional and soon enough, you’ll be pain-free.

Why You Need a Prescription for a Painkiller

If you have been injured, suffer from chronic pain, or have gone through a serious surgery, then you have most likely had a discussion with your medical professional regarding the effectiveness of prescription pain killers. These types of drugs, which are also known as opiates, are highly effective in combating moderate to severe types of pain. With such a strong ability to combat the pain, by taking these drugs, you’ll be able to heal without suffering during the healing process. One question that most people have regarding these types of drugs is why the prescription is necessary. There are a number of reasons, those of which are listed below.


The greatest reason that medical professionals require that you get a prescription in order to gain access to this drugs is that the drugs are highly addictive. A medical professional’s supervision helps protect your interests by ensuring that you are well monitored as you take the prescription drugs. The addiction to these drugs arises after prolonged use. So, when your medical professional decides if it is reasonable to extend your prescription, the main factor they will look at is how long you have been taking the painkiller. If the use is not prolonged, then you most likely will get the prescription.

Safety Reasons


Another reason that you need a prescription for the painkillers is for safety reasons. One of the most dangerous things you can do when it comes to medication is taking it without the supervision of your medical professional. Doctors are there to determine whether your body can safely handle the drugs, whether the drug is compatible with your health, and if you’ll have any allergic reactions or otherwise. If medical professionals were to offer you the painkiller without the prescription, you may not get the proper care and consider that your health deserves. By prescribing the drug, the doctor can run the required medical tests to see if it is safe for you to use.


Finally, prescriptions are required because your medical professional is able to monitor your progress. By ensuring that you can only get the drug though a prescription, your medical profession is aware of how much you are taking and when you are taking it. So, if an adverse effect occurs, the doctor can attribute the cause to the drug that you are taking. Essentially, prescriptions are required to prevent addiction, ensure your safety, and to allow the doctor to monitor your health.

Medications Commonly Prescribed for Sports Injury Pain

Sports injuries are the worst types of injuries that you can sustain. Not only has research indicated that sports injuries can lead to long-lasting repercussions such as concussions, dementia, and the development of illnesses, but sports injuries are also responsible for a significant amount of pain. When you go through the healing process for a sports injury, it isn’t uncommon for you to require drugs that subdue your pain. Without taking the steps to gain access to pain relievers, you take the risk of suffering though the entire healing process. To help keep you better informed about your options, below are the most common medications prescribed for sports injury pain.


One of the most popular types of prescription painkillers used to combat sports injuries is codeine. Codeine, also known as an opiate, is a prescription drug that you can get from a medical professional or online pharmacy. This prescription drug is most effective on moderate to severe types of pain that arises out of almost any type of sports injury. It especially works in situations where over-the-counter painkillers have failed. Codeine works by targeting the opioid receptors in your brain and spinal cord. Once targeted, the codeine will subdue the receptor cells and prevent them from issuing the compounds in your body responsible for your pain.


Another popular option is Co-Codamol. This prescription drug is a dual action type of drug. It is comprised of two types of prescription painkillers known as paracetamol and codeine. The reason that doctors prescribe this drug is because sometimes, paracetamol by itself is not effective enough to relieve the pain. Therefore, medical experts combine it with another drug to help diminish feelings of pain that you may be experiencing. In addition, the great thing about this type of drug is that you don’t need to take a large dosage for relief.


Finally, perhaps the strongest painkiller on this list is morphine. Morphine is only used in the most extreme cases, such as a sports injury that has led to surgery. This type of drug is only used in extreme cases because it is the most addictive of the top three drugs. When you take morphine, you must be monitored by a medical professional.

Overall, by taking any one of these three drugs, you can relieve your pain. Sports injuries are difficult to deal with as it is, but thanks to prescription drugs, there is a solution.

Most Common Chronic Pain Medication

If you are suffering from chronic pain, which is characterized as long-term pain, you may need chronic pain medication. The most common types of chronic pain medications that doctors recommend for patients are prescription pain relievers. Before taking a prescription pain medication though, it can be useful to understand what you are taking. Below is an overview of the most common chronic pain prescription drugs.


Codeine is perhaps one of the more popular options that doctors recommend. Codeine’s effectiveness arises out of its ability to supress the receptor cells in your brain and spinal cord that are responsible for the feeling of pain. In addition, Codeine is also metabolized by the liver into morphine, which is another substance that is responsible for mitigating moderate to severe pain. Compared to other opioids, Codeine is very strong, which is why people encounter a higher risk of vomiting and nausea.



This type of pain medication is very much like Codeine because it operates in the same manner. It is able to supress receptor cells in the brain and spinal cord to prevent the feelings of pain. Dihydrocodeine differs from Codeine in that it is a combination of a number of drugs and it can also be potentially used with other substances if your doctor allows it.


Unlike the other options, Hydrocodone is a short-acting opioid, which means that it targets your pain quickly, directly, and offers you the relief that you are looking for. However, because it is short-acting, your pain relief will not be for a long period time. It is best to use this type of drug if your chronic pain comes in bursts and does not last throughout long periods of time.


Another option is Methadone, more commonly known as Meth. This type of prescription drug is only recommended if the pain is extremely severe and therefore, it needs to be used with great caution. Many medical professionals are hesitant to prescribe it because it can accumulate in the body and lead to overdose.


Lastly, Oxycodone, which is also known as OxyCotin, is another prescription drug provided by medical professionals. This type of drug is usually given to individuals who may have a higher tendency to become addicted to opiates. The reason behind this is that Oxycodeone is very difficult to swallow or chew, thus deterring individuals from developing an addiction because consumption is difficult.

Is Buying Painkillers Online Safe?

The short answer to this is – it depends. It depends where you are and how careful you are about who you deal with. Generally, it is far more difficult to buy painkillers online in the US than it is for example in the UK. Although you can no longer buy Tramadol online legally in the UK, you can still buy codeine medications such as codeine phosphate, dihydrocodeine and co-codamol in all its incarnations. Visit site.

With rising costs in medical care and prescription drugs, many are now turning to the web in order to attain prescription pain killers. Buying painkillers online is possible and many online vendors offer the drugs that most people look for. However, one of the main and legitimate concerns that people have is whether buying online is actually the safe thing to do. While there could be some vendors that offer you safe painkillers, there are many other online vendors that will not guarantee you safety. Below are some of the reasons why you should hesitate to buy painkillers online.

Added Substances

The most apparent reason why not to purchase painkillers online is that many suppliers that sell their products to online store either add or substitute substances to the painkiller. For example, if the painkiller is Oxycodone, then it is likely that the manufacturer of the drug will combine the drug with another substance or simply substitute Oxycodone with a different drug. This can post significant dangers to your health because you can never fully verify that what you are getting is the real thing, Since you aren’t aware of what you’re really taking, if anything does occur, medical professionals will have a more difficult time helping you because you don’t know what you ingested.



Another reason why to avoid buying online is that you can easily be scammed. In most countries, selling prescription drugs online is illegal and because there are no regulations on these hidden vendors, you cannot get your money back if something does happen. In addition, purchasing at these illegal vendors can lead to other problems like identity theft. It is best to not get involved in an operation that could have negative legal repercussions and consequences for your personal safety and identity.

Higher Cost

While it may seem that online vendors will quote you a price that is lower than what you would pay for had you decided upon a prescription painkiller, the case is actually the opposite. Online vendors know that there is a great deal of demand for their drugs, and therefore they do not hesitate to increase the prince simply because they can. Instead of taking the safety risk, the chance of getting scammed, and even paying a higher price than you need to, it is best to simply opt for getting a prescription from your doctor.